Animal Welfare Scheme

Animal Welfare schemes has 6 different schemes categories. For complete details please click to download the complete information.

Botanic Gardens Scheme

The botanic gardens are important centres of conservation action and also serve as innovative medium for spreading conservation education and awareness.. All details related to the Botanic Garden scheme can be download from the link given below.

Clean Technology Scheme

A grant-in-aid scheme on development and promotion of Clean Technologies was initiated in 1994. More details can be found from the link below.


The National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC) was launched by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India in 1986. It aims to create awareness on environmental issues among a wide group of stakeholders. Download more details from the link given below

Environmental Research Scheme

Environmental research provides knowledge for the development of sound evidence-based policies and strategies towards conservation of natural resources of the country. The Ministry has been supporting research in Environment since 1985 in multidisciplinary areas by providing grants to various research institutions and universities for implementing research projects. Fore details click the link given below

ENVIS Scheme

ENVIS was set up as a Central Scheme in December 1982 (Sixth Plan). The first Centre was set up on 28.09.1983, followed by three more during 1983-84. Over the course of time, and in recognition of the fact that environment and ecology are multi-disciplinary fields, new subject areas emerged, thereby expanding the Network. For more details click the link given below.